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Welcome to the website of the WRAO - in addition to the database, which contains maps, images and comprehensive text on each featured site, you can also read full documents or listen to audio programmes about rock art in the media library.

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New In Events

Field School Perthi Duon, Anglesey 16th - 23rd March 2014

Few monuments within Western Britain have such an intriguing historic past as Perthi Duon.

This Scheduled Monument stands as a solitary [cap]stone within a windswept field in southern Anglesey. We know from 18th century engravings that this stone formed part of a collapsed Portal Dolmen that probably has its origins in the Early Neolithic. In 2013, our team undertook a geophysical survey around the monument from which potential anomalies were identified which could represent the archaeological remnants of the monument’s deeper past.

Cadw, have given the go ahead to excavate around the monument. All that is missing is you! Price includes high standard accommodation and most meals. You will be given the opportunity to learn surveying, excavation and recording techniques, in the field, with expert supervision. Visit and learn about recording rock art at probably the most impressive decorated site in Wales, Barclodiad y Gawres. Expand your knowledge with evening lectures and a guided tour of some of Anglesey’s abundant prehistoric past.

But most of all have fun and enjoy yourself! £395 or £375 students Places are very limited so book now to avoid disappointment. £50 deposit required to secure your place on the team.

For more information contact Carol:

Click here to download the PDF.